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Best Father Daughter Wedding Dance Songs


Father Daughter Dance Songs (by Caroline Tran)

You’ve got to pick which of the father daughter wedding dance songs you are going to use for that special dance with your dad.  The amazing father-daughter relationship is a very special one and a wedding day makes it even more splendid. As the guests watch the bride’s dad giving his daughter away to step into a new life with the man that can take care of her, it can be an emotional moment for everyone. With the final songs for father daughter dance being played, those at the event are usually wiping away tears. Maybe many Father daughter wedding songs are played for the special dance of the bride and her daddy. The song can reflect on the bond that they share and the growing up years when she is his little girl. The father knows that this is his daughter’s special day and looks to welcoming the groom as her husband and into the family.

Father daughter wedding dance songs for the wedding reception  have great significance and perhaps one of the most emotional moments of the event occur at this point. It has been said that every girl looks for a man that simply reminds her of her dad. The love, belief and understanding that have been given to her by her father are certainly special, and now she looks forward to sharing the same bond with her husband. Some brides may want the attention on her dance with her dad; others might not prefer such instances. Thus they choose to dance as the DJ asks all fathers and daughters to join them on the dance floor. With just two people dancing can seem awkward for some, but the guests joining in can certainly make for a great time together for everyone.

No matter how old the daughter gets, she is and will always be daddy’s little girl. I guess you could say that this special dance could be called daddy daughter songs!  :)  Popular songs have been made for the occasion and are played for the wedding day. Some of the best father daughter wedding dance songs have been used for years and are still on top of the list for the music of the event. The selection however depends on what seems the most suitable for both of them. If you share a beautiful relationship express it with a track that has a meaning to describe the bond. But if the father-daughter shares a jovial bond, they may end up choosing a funky number to jive to the tunes. Having a contemporary track will ensure that the guests can also join in as some may like. Also, the popular trend that has been recently seen at many weddings is a combination of a long dance, then gradually getting into foot tapping quick number and finishing it off with a slow number.

Of all the father daughter wedding dance songs choices, always think about the level of dancing skills of both. The selected songs can be a secret between them both, leaving the guests curious about what the dance will be about. Planning is quite important; hence select the tracks as soon as possible to practice ahead of time.

1. Daddy’s Little Girl – Al Martino
2. My Little Girl – Tim McGraw
3. Butterfly Kisses – Bob Carlisle
4. My Girl – Temptations
5. Cinderella – Steven Curtis Chapman
6. I Loved Her First – Heartland
7. Father and Daughter – Paul Simon
8. Dance with my father – Luther Vandross
9. Because you loved me – Celine Dion
10. Just Fishin – Trace Adkins

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